Protecting the Trails

· The trails used in the tours have been restored and are being used with the approval of the respective administrators and the districts involved. Parts of them are located on government land and in private forests, and access is granted only for tours with minimal impact on the environment.
· It is forbidden to overtake the guide riding at the head of the group.
· Avoid as much as possible locking or tilting the tires as this damages the trail.
· All mountain land is privately owned. It is therefore prohibited to collect forest products such as mushrooms and wild vegetables.
· To prevent forest fires, smoking in the forest and while riding is prohibited.

* Those who do not understand or do not comply with the above points, will be asked to leave the tour on the spot even while the tour is still ongoing.

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What to bring

· Comfortable clothes that do not hinder movements
June to October: we recommend wearing tights/leggings in combination with short pants in order not to leave any skin exposed (See photo)
November to May: a light wind-breaker/jacket may come in handy for wearing over fleeces and shirts. (See photo)
· Sneakers (See photo)
· Drinks
500ml-1000ml ※Plastic bottles available (See photo)

Things you should bring if you do have them

· Eyewear(See photo)
· Backpack(See photo)
· Bike-riding equipment such as helmet or gloves(See photo)
* Protectors are recommended for those taking part in FUN RIDES / EPIC RIDES(See photo)

What we supply

· Mountain bikes
· Helmet
· Gloves

mountainbike hardtail mountainbike hardtail
Hardtail model(2000JPY) Full suspension model(3000JPY)

Meeting time

One-day tour 9:30
Half-Day Tour (morning) 9:30 / (afternoon) 13:00

※ The meeting place for all tours is in front of the Matsuzaki Kaiyo Center in Matsuzaki Town, Shizuoka Prefecture. → Directions to meeting place can be found here.
※ Vehicles may be parked in the parking space by the wharf.
※ We offer free pick-up service from Inazu Station on the Izukyu Line.


A special feature of Nishiizu is the possibility of eating tasty seafood dishes after running around in the mountains. We will return to town for lunch and we will suggest some of the restaurants recommended by our guides.

Hot springs

The Nishiizu area has many hot springs overlooking the sea, mountains and rivers. If you wish like to soak up in hot water after a sweaty ride, do not hesitate to ask your guide. We will recommend the perfect hot spring for you.


Around Matsuzaki port there are many hotels and inns within walking distance of the tour meeting place . If you decide to stay overnight in Matsuzaki Town, you may want to take advantage of the town’s relaxed atmosphere for walking around after the tour. There are also inns and campgrounds in the Sanpochi area ( Ishibe, Iwagi, and Kumimi), located at a little. distance Beautiful beaches suitable for swimming are also nearby. There is a large hot-spring Hotel in Dogashima, Nishiizu Town, about 15 minutes by car. Unfortunately, we are unable to arrange accommodation and, while we apologize for the inconvenience, we ask that you please book your own accommodation.

Tour Cancellation

While we will conduct tours in light rain, tours will be cancelled in case of extremely adverse weather conditions like heavy rain and strong winds.
In some cases tours may be cancelled in case of heavy rain on the previous day. When cancelling a tour, we will make a decision around 7 pm on the day before the tour and you will be contacted by our representative.
In the event of cancellation, we will postpone the tour to a later date or refund the fee in full.

Safety During the Tours

As mountain-biking is an activity involving interaction with the natural environment, there is always the possibility of risks that exceed the precautions taken by our tour guides.For this reason, we ask participants to use their better judgement during the tours. In order to ensure that participants take part to the tours fully aware of the above point, everyone will be asked to sign a participation agreement to that effect.(For minors, consent from parents is required). Furthermore, please understand that we may refuse admission to the tours in the following cases:

· If not signing the participation agreement
· If pregnant
· If drunk or intoxicated
· If in poor health
· If engaging in behaviour deemed dangerous by the tour guide, like not following instructions, etc.

* In all the above cases, the tour fee will not be refunded..

Cancellation fees

On the day of the tour: 50% of tour price
On the day before the tour: 40% of tour price
Between 7 and 2 days before the tour: 30% of tour price

* Cancellation fees are to be paid by bank transfer to an account specified separately.