・EPIC RIDES are recommended those who wish to experience the highest number of highest level trail miles in the Izu peninsula.
Walls, banks, switchbacks, rock faces gouged out of rock, here you will find all trail riding elements and more.
Put to the test your physical fitness, technique and riding skills !
We provide transport to the trail entrance on the top of the mountain

■Tour fee

One-day tour: ¥10,500 per person. Required time: 9: 30-15: 30

* Minimum number of participants: 2 
* In case of 5 or more participants, it’s possible to switch to a private tour at no additional cost.
 For details on private tours, see at the bottom of the page.
* All prices are inclusive of taxes.

Rental mountainbike
Hardtail: ¥2,000 per day
Full suspension: ¥3,000 per day

Cancellation fees

On the day of the tour: 50% of tour price
On the day before the tour: 40% of tour price
Between 7 and 2 days before the tour: 30% of tour price

* Cancellation fees are to be paid by bank transfer to an account specified separately.

■Basic Courses

EPIC RIDE basic courses are shown below (click to view course details)

* Please note that courses may be subject to change depending on road conditions, weather and other circumstances on the day of the tour.

  • EP-1

    This course follows a trail running along a ridge to a huge slab of natural rock with carvings dating back to the Meiji era (late 1800s-early 1900s). In this mound, which formed when the sea bottom rose up, a great number of fossils can be extracted from the rocks lying everywhere.
    Through a wild trail offering satisfying riding, the course continues to a stream which is crossed with the help of a ladder bridge and finally leads to a fishing village.
    A truly EPIC trail which can be ridden in its entirety, from trail head to exit point, without once hitting the roads running through the forest.

  • EP-2

    This is the longest trail of all YAMABUSHI TRAIL TOUR courses.
    The first half runs along a ridge with frequent ups and downs, goes through a half pipe-like trail built in ancient times to pull sleds down the mountain and goes over a succession of walls before finally reaching the sea.
    Since there are multiple courses, participants may choose a particular trai based on their preferences.

  • EP-3

    This is the most challenging course of all.
    It follows a wild trail running through cobble-paved stretches made of piled up stones and down a succession of scree slopes. In several places the trails opens up onto splendid vistas that can only be enjoyed from here and which will more than repay your efforts.
    Should the course turn out to be too physically and technically demanding, it is always possible to switch to other trails en route.


EPIC RIDE Private Tour Information

Private tours can be arranged on request.
Feel free to contact us if you wish to participate as a group.
Since Nishi Izu is rightly famous for its beautiful sunsets, it is also possible to customize courses so as to time the arrival to coincide with sunset.
Also, feel free to consult us about the various catering options available.

EPIC RIDE Private Tour basic fees
· 1 person: ¥40,000 per person
· 2 persons: ¥20,000 per person
· 3 persons: ¥15,000 per person
· 4 persons: ¥12,500 per person

* Due to its length, no half-day schedules are available for the Epic Ride Tour.
* In case of 5 or more participants, it’s possible to switch to a private tour at no additional cost.